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Again Red October, because of we are near the 7th November.

Old Soviet Union, and New also, because she's never dead.

The people of Urss before the military coup of 1991 voted with a victory of 70% for the surviving of the Soviet Union.

But Eltsin used the military coup for his own project, and during the his dictatorship(she was also alcoholist and neurological disordered) in 1993 the Parliament Parliament invalidates Yeltsin's presidency, Eltsin did his own coup d'etat against the Parliament and against the Suprem Soviet of Russia, the last soviet governative force.
Officially 187 had died in the conflict and 437 had been wounded, among them some Eltsin soldiers, but the real number is unknown, probably more of 2.000 died during hunting of soviet loyalists.

Now the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is the main opposition force of the nationalist right-wing Putin and his puppet Medvedev.
The Party took the 17% but at real it was al least the 30%,
Western and indipendent media portrayed Russia's presidential election as nothing but a farce. The claims of rigging the election were not supported by the various international election monitoring organizations in attendance.
The outcome of this poll was predetermined..

The Urss is legally existing into the:
The Union of Communist Parties — Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Formed by:
* Communist Party of the Russian Federation
* Communist Party of Ukraine
* Communist Party of Belarus
* Communist Party of Kazakhstan
* United Communist Party of Georgia
* Communist Party of South Ossetia
* Azerbaijan Communist Party
* Communist Party of Lithuania (banned in Lithuania)
* Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova
* Party of Communists of Kyrgyzstan
* Armenian Communist Party

But there is also a second Party, that was lead by Oleg Shenin until his death that is with a more orthodox guide-line but is litter.
Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Formed by:
* Russian Communist Workers' Party – Revolutionary Party of Communists
* New Communist Party of Georgia
* Communist Party of Abkhazia
* Azerbaijan Communist Party (on Platform of Marxism-Leninism)
* Union of Communists of Latvia (banned)
* Communist Party of Pridnestrovie
* Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan
* Communist Party of Tajikistan
* Communist Party of Estonia (banned in Estonia)

There are also other leftist groups, like the formed by young members of the Vanguard of Red Youth. But i've read that they are an agressive group.

In the rest of the World NONE speak about these organisations and their dreams..
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Kooskia Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012
I know, just in my language it's spelled differently and sometimes i write it automatically. For the rest... anti-communist comments from someone with quotes from that criminal of Putin, are not appreciated here. (and i could suggest you also that '30 are not the only points of Soviet history)
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Kooskia Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012
I could ad something else <.< as bringing millions of people from the czarist medieval obscurantism to industrialization . The salvation of the Europe (and possibly the whole human race) from the nazi-fascist barbarism.Developing an health care system, giving a job to everyone, give equality to women (while in other countries black people were hanged with the background of crosses on fire. Helping and supporting countries and people to free themselves from the European colonialism, fighting in the same way the new American imperialism (both the material and cultural, developments in science and culutural fields, the opening of the Space Age and so on...

You forgot these ones?
Hidden by Owner
Kooskia Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012
An huge amount of stuff that simply show again your ignorance about historical subject.. v,v maybe done by the facts of following just revisionist television program v.v
1) check and study better how many of the Russian population lived in industrialization in WWI and before
2) Why SU supported the Spanish and French Popular Fronts in '30 according to you (while western countries supported the fascism) ? And why they did a treaty in 1939 if not to delay the war? If you check and read, you will discover that Soviet Army was aware of the German plans...
And about the "General Winter".. that simply show again your few knoledge of the point... do you think that russian soldiers didn't suffer from the weather? and their plans? and their tanks? Do you know of the Uran Operation at Stalingrad? That was the "winter"? Or the Battle of Kurks or the (often forgotten by west) Operation Bagration? When an entire Nazi force, the spine of their Armed forces in the East was destroyed only thanks the Soviet strategy of Deep Penetration? Or never heard also of the massive (and similar) Soviet victory against an entire Japanese Army in North China in few days in 1945? (that was this, more then the Nukes, to force the Japan to surrender)
Study a bit of military history before talking of "fantasy" stuff as the General Winter....

German colonialism.... "good"?? Never heard of the massacres of African people in Namibia?
Easy control puppets for the Soviet Union? Considering that many of these such contries as Afghanistan or Yemen or Ethiopia had their inner struggle powers, problems, rise and down.. i see hard to consider them a "Puppets", puppet-countries are stable because their leaders were there only to make an appearence in front of their people. Cold War pro-soviet countries often saw coups or counter-coups or innter struggle and debate because they were not so much "controlled".

Now... speaking of "we don't know what may have happened" as a proof it's simply baseless. If you can't know or proof something, from an historical point of view, that claim means nothing...
Also i would like to know how many of such "Imperialist aggression" did the SU... the ONLY one it's of course the Afghanistan... and honestly they were more then "soft" there, in my opinion (expecially considerating that they fought also Bin Laden and his Arabs volunteers, paid and trained by the USA, despite they try today to deny it)

However... thanks your insultive and almost-genocidal comments (Imperial Germany colonialism... again, go to look what happened in Namibia), you won a pretty blocking in my account, congratulation ^^
ThatCommunistGuy Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012
Eurasian Union, just saying it's kind of presumptuous to say "only"
Kooskia Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012
I've not quiet understood why speaking of Eurasian Union (a simply attempt to enlarge the currently Imperialist russian area of ​​influence).
ThatCommunistGuy Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012
Pessimistic much? Putin is ex-KGB and he seems positive about the Soviet Union, moving away from the dog eat dog capitalism of >shudder< Yeltsin and his drunken spree of privatisation, I think the Eurasian Union is going to be the start of a new era where communism is finally realised.
Kooskia Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012
Well.. i'm usually far from thinking of being pessimistic (and i'm often open to different panths and so on...) but honestly i've seen nothing in Putin politics that keep him away from the past privatisations. Today there are still rich capitalist groups linked with oil and energy to keep the power in Russia and the "Eurasian Union" it's my opinion it's simply a plan to help such companies to make more profits with their close states.
As i said, i'm not pessimistic... (i often see possibilities and good way for the future) but the only thing i can see good in Putin it's is half-support for Sirya (and in the same way... that Sirya help and support the Palestinian cause). But while Sirya (a Bahatist country) can be designed as an "allied" (as the Siryan CP do) Putin's Russia it's too much involved in nationalism and admiration for pre-Soviet Russian history
ThatCommunistGuy Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012
To be honest I don't know what to make of this, how is supporting Bashar al Assad a good thing? He's extremely right wing when it comes to economics, "Arab Socialist" isn't and economic term.
ThatCommunistGuy Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012
*an economic term
Kooskia Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012
Speaking about economy i know that in past years the country followed a moderate socialist path (and for this supported by the CP) and also today despite some privatization (less the Vietnam or China, however) , the economy was more nationalized (more then Libya) NOW he said last year in some "concessions" that he was ready to make privatization and election for the "opposition", but they never accepted concessions.
It's a key to have a "friendly" regime in Sirya for us to keep on the flow of supplies and weapons from Iran (that despite being anti-communist and fighting against the socialist Kurdish PJAK.... they are enemy of Israel and strategical allied of Venezuela) to Lebanon and Palestine.
And at the same time we may hope (as some reports) that Syrian government let some Kurdish forces take little towns, and between them there are supporters of the PKK guerrilla group: this could help the fight of the PKK

However more then any things, the lesson of Libya should be learned. Gheddafi had started as a great revolutionary and anti-imperialist but in later years he learned more how to trade with France and Italy. Throwing away the chimical Libyan weapons (and most of the missiles) and focusing on buy stuff for themselves rather then buying some Su-27 or at least MiG-29.

Obviously as soon they had a chance, his "friends" betrayed him and bombed him. This is a remarkable lesson about how infamous and traitors will be the Western powers. Assad learned this long time ago and for this he kept more contacts with Russia and China.
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