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Usually i don't use journals much, and not for personal events.

However today my dog passed away and considering my love for him and animals (as the one of my watchers) i would like to spent some words about him.

Magoo was a Siberian Husky, he joined our family in 2009, during a messed time. We have just moved (into a larger house) and were still settling lots of things, moreover i had just started my university (biological science).

He was a (believed to be) 8 years old dog, abandoned into a kennel because the former master had drugs-issues.

We adopted him and soon we found him to be a precious gift. When there are issues in family or depressions or bad feeling of someone, nothing it's more beneficial than a dog's wagging.

Years passed, and he started to aging. One of his most peculiar gifts remained the ability of being friendly with every human being.
He was an husky so he never "barked" (but issued "growling-like" noises when wanted attention) and has ever been a polite dog with us, that brought some innocent  attempt of spoil him (from grandma).

He was less friendly with other dogs, but never clashed with them (he limited to threatening "staring"), apart with my aunt's dog: he was jealousy of everything with this other dog around, but they had never a serious clash.

Less friendly was the relationship with cats (when he managed to notice them, but never got one) and hedgehogs (at least 3 times he attempted to attack them, usually calling us for help because could not bite them due the thorns: but he never wounded himself), and crows, with a memorable (for him) hunt of a wounded crow in the garden, and the bird ended "a bit" torn apart.

In the last months, my family got ever more busy (with job and my brother's final high school exams) and i've started taking care of him even more personally. It was ever a pleasure to see him waiting and wondering if it was a time of a walk just after the lunch. It was ever amusing to look how he "jumped" lifting and lowering the forelegs and the head, once he understood that yes... it was time for the walk.
Every evening, after our dinner, it was time for his own and it was hard not laugh at his excitation for the disgusting and smelling cans (while the lunch was approached with  less enthusiasm, despite being a mix of mince, rice and croquettes).

He had an happy life with us, leaving behind the harsh one with the former master.

The only problematic times were thunders, but he ever had me or my father standing close to him, while being on the sofa in front of tv. He trusted us, and we overcome together all those scary nights, even hat means being awake for long hours.

Today, Magoo left us.

My parents were away to buy grandma's medicines in pharmacy and me and my brother went down to the entrance, quickly after listening his sudden call.
He was on the ground, and was quickly passing away after a stroke. Me and my brother were there, until the end, stroking him.
Once we were there with him, he stopped calling, and it took few minutes.

My brother and my mother are still distressed, while me, my father, my aunt and my grandma are more calm.

Now we're still all
together, talking and consoling each other.

What i believe it's most important, it's that our dog has left us after having had a good life.

And his presence will remain
with us, in our memories.

Our memories of him will remain, and he will live on
through them, with us.

Ice eyes by Kooskia

Cute Eyes by Kooskia

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Thanks for watching, I had moved to this new account. 
Way-to-Haven Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hey Kooskia ^^ I have a question!~

i feel a bit rude for asking, but could it be possible if I could be movies up to Contributor in the Felidae group? The only reason I am asking is because I am seeing a lot of artwork that breaks the rules or is misplaced, and I would just like to help the group organize all the artwork ^^ 
Kooskia Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
Issue already seen and it's a bit problematic (most of the arts, made by 2 different artists, doesn't seems actually strict re-lining, but are heavily based on the movie). I will propose to admin a more strict allowing or removal of all the arts, but i don't want make people sad, people that didn't think it was wrong (under the fact that "heavily based" it's not strictly a "re-lining").
About being added, let's talks also with admin... personally i'm fine because you're a fan that made lots of good contributions,
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I didn't know it was your birthday recently! :)
Kooskia Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
hehe don't worry xD and i keep some cheer-up time also days after the actual b-day x3
Gynandromorph Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Did you see my message on the fan club? I've uploaded Felidae with my best subtitle translations, and in Youtube's 2160p 4K! Did you know Youtube could go up that high?…
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