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I just noticed that i reached 25.000 pageviews ^^
It's not a big deal for many artists, but considering my level i'm very happy to have achieved this.

Even if (as maybe of you may know) i value much much more little comments left by people, comments that can generate replies and nice chats ^^ (i like chatting and talking..)

As in the last journal, i can just repeat that i will keep to upload mainly silly stuff and fanarts in the following months.

Also i plans in the following months to create more journals to advertise 2-3 galleries each one. Simply because i think there is people that deserve it.

And to start, i could show you  :icongoogynoober: that commissioned me lots of arts,
:iconamcalmaron: that made me know the awesome book series of Age of Fire (dragon protagonists)
 and :iconrathacat: the author of the awesome series of Ratha novels... (cheetah-like fantasy/prehistoric characters as protagonists), i really suggest you to read her books especially if you like non-human protagonists in literature.

In the last months i've helped a very nice guy to works on an AMAZING mod game.

It's based on a famous strategy game for Lord of the Ring (It's named Battle for the Middle Earth II: The Rise of the Witch King)
And this mod developed by him is set in Alagaesia world, with all the Eragon characters and factions.………

You can enjoy a free dowloadble mod game, playing strategy PC battles with Empire, Varden, Urgals, Elvese and Dwarven armies
There are the main characters of the story too (almost all) , and lots of contents and interesting things x3

I really suggest you to every fan of Eragon books and movie.

I've made a small help as beta-tester for the game ^^  And being a fan of Eragon (and LOTR) i enjoyed lots playing it.

To Play it, you've to have installed the original LOTR games.

The Mod is still a Beta but it's almost completed.

I'm really happy !! Here on Deviantart there is a Felidae fanclub here :iconfelidae-fanclub:  and it was offered by the admin/founder  :iconacolorfulshadow: to became co-admin! That means really lot for me ^^ As probably some of my watchers can know i'm a GREAT fan of Felidae.
For who don't know it, it's one of the most mature and adult "animal literature" series, a thriller set into the feline world and from the point of view of the protagonist Francis. Many people know the animated movie (notorious for not being censured) but less people know the books. I've read the first two in italians and i've managed to read/understand also book3,4,5 and 6 ^^
And for the english readers here... recently the Fifth book became avaible in english on Kindle Edition, if you look in Amazon (it's very cheap)

I will try my best to help the Fanclub turn larger and take more interest from the other deviants ^^

If you like animals, like cats, like animal protagonists in literature and for one time you want read something of different from the common soft rating-style of some stories (as Warriors... that i LOVE, but it could be turned really a bit MORE then beautiful if they tried to add something "more)  , or you simply a bit curious, visit the club x3  
:iconfelidae-fanclub:   :iconfelidae-fanclub:   :iconfelidae-fanclub:


Per i lettori italiani, sono estremamente contento per questa richiesta di dare una mano come co-admin in questo Club di Felidae x3
Magari alcuni hanno letto la mia fanfiction in italiano Felidae e il mistero di Amburgo (la trovate in una cartella nella mia galleria) e se siete interessati alla storia originale, passate nel club x3  :iconfelidae-fanclub:

GIFTS/REQUESTS/KIRIBAN : (only to friends or if i've time)



I know of not being a great artist and the price it's very low, i think,  it's only compared to the time i spent drawing..
If you think it's a too high cost, tell me x3
I aim to draw something that you want and collect some money that can help me x3

That's a little guide for this:

Payment upfront at my Paypal account

You have to write me what do you want and then send me a note with as much details as you can about the commissions. Don't pay me BEFORE we agreed about the commissions! If it's too much difficult for me, i can't do it ! Try to find in my gallery an art that it's close to what you would like to see... it helps me ^^
+ Corrections and changes can be done during the sketching phase. (you've to send me a mail for this).
+ Refund can be done before i start the the sketching phase, if i've already started, i will give you the sketch and refund half the cost.
+ You can show your art in your gallery but with a link to my gallery and/or original art that i may submit in my gallery.

Time: i will finish a commission in a variable time... 3-4 days to 1 week usually, I will EVER write in a journal the status of commissions and the date of payment.

Prieces (they are in Euros € ) and kind of commissions with simple background:
i draw canines, felines and similar mammalian characters. (i can try non-anthro dragons)

+ colour anthro/ non-anthro head + torso, 2€ exemple:……

+ colour non-anthro character 3€ (+1€ for another character)  exemple:…………

+ colour anthro character (better if military/warriors style) 4€ (+1€ for another character)  exemple:………

+ coloured  comic page (max. 2 page) 5€ (multiple characters)  exemple:……………

Thank you :iconjuniper_squirrel:,  :iconwolfspot:, :iconorkekum: and :icongoogynoober:  !

Slot 1 : Free

Slot 2 : Free

Slot 3 :  Free

To all the italian watchers:
Per chi avesse seguito o fosse interessato a leggere qualche mia fanfictions (su Felidae, Eragon e Temeraire, le ultime due con personaggi completamente originali) Visitate la mia pagina su EFP, il miglior sito italiano per fanfictionx  x3
Link alla mia pagina :…

My Groups (work in progress)
:iconwildfangsclub:  :iconthebeastofliterature: :iconanimal-literature: :iconerinhunter-fanclub: :iconwarriorsfans:  :iconwarriorcatsfanclub:  :iconseekerbearsfanclub: :icontailchasers-song: :iconguardians-of-gahoole:  :icongahoolians-unite:   :iconlegendoftheguardians: :iconvarjak-paw-fans: :iconvarjakpawclub: :iconeagleandjaguarfans: :icontemerairefans:   :iconwyrmrestaccord: :iconhailthelife-binder: :iconthedragonland: :iconclan-ground: :iconfelinecharacters: :iconfelidae-fanclub: :icongng-fans: :iconkimba-white-lion: :iconkimbaclub: :icon89-kimba-fanclub: :iconcat-ocs-4ever: :iconmlpfriendshipismagic: :iconeragonfanclub:  :iconinheritance-fc: :iconperncraft: :iconage-of-fire-follower:  :iconthe-lavadome: :iconwolfs-rain-group: :iconwolfs-rainfans: :iconparadise-seekers: :iconwolfsrain-fc: :iconookami-kodomo-group: :iconwolfchroniclesfans: :iconthesightandfell-fc:  :iconour-lives-for-aiur: :iconthe-koprulu-sector:  :iconthe-art-of-eva: :iconanimorphs: :iconhis-dark-material:  :iconthenaviavatars: :iconshadow-gallery: :iconsocialistrealism: :iconcommunism-world: :iconcommunism:
  • Listening to: random stuff
  • Reading: Temeraire series
  • Watching: Game of Thrones
  • Playing: BFME mods



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marillon954 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
Buona Pasqua! :D
thanka for the fav on "Kobrin" and "Lounel" !
I've not faved them, but now i've learned a new animal novel x3
oh crap  ! well glad to introduce you to a new novel XD perhaps i got your name mixed with another person's username :lol:
Jjholic Feb 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I found you through the Felidae wikia and just wanted to say hi!
I've always wanted to read the books but I don't know German T____T
Hello back x3 And you could at least read the first, the second and the fifth book: they were all translated in english.
Jjholic Feb 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Do I not need to read the 3rd-4th books in order to understand the 5th?
If only I could find them! Their not at just any book store!
Have you bought them before?
Check the Felidae fangroup page. there are direct links to Amazon.
Basically you've to dowload the application "Kindle for pc" on your pc, it's for free and easy to use.
Then you can buy the files of the books directly on amazon and are dowloaded in your program page

paper's editions are a bit less common and more costly (apart if you find old used ones)

I've the paper one of the first two in my language.

Each book is separated from the others and there is little reference of events and characters. On fifth book it's only mentioned a supporting character of the previous (and later books): Junior, a son of Francis, but he has no appearences in this fifth book (Salve Roma) and is only briefly mentioned.
(1 Reply)
marillon954 Feb 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Ciao Mike! :D

Senti, vorrei personalizzare la mia pagina con le immagini dei gruppi come hai fatto tu!

Puoi dirmi come fare ?

P.S: sono lieto di aver contribuito a farti raggiungere le 25000 pageviews! :D
Solitaire has kits :3
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