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(sorry for my english)

It's rare for me to make journals, even rare for me to make them for reviews.

But recently i've finished watching two anime series and i wanted to spend some words for them.

1)  The first one is "Full Metal Alchemist - Brotherhood"
It has been a big event for me, because i watched episodes of the first old series years ago, when i was in early high school, together my own brother.

Full metal Alchemist it's an uncommon series because apart showing some common "shonen" elements (young strong boys as protagonist, the need to improve and becoming stronger, villains to face etc...) it's full with a number of high-level human and moral issues.
It's pretty much explicit and direct in showing the brutality of the human being, but also the great things that can be achieved.

Deserve to be mentioned that's pretty much laic as series and often describe with irony how easily the masses are manipulated by religious figures.

I've loved the first old series and the following awesome movie (that was settled in our own world in Germany, during '20s).

The new series, based strictly on the manga, has been a pleasant surprise.
I've appreciated the higher tone of a number of meeting and clashes, and i've appreciated how many characters got their space and their possibilities to be part of the action.
The (multiple) endings of the story and the endings of the subplots has been great, the only (minor) issue that i noticed it's that actually..... too few good characters died! Comparing with the "massacre" of the old series, it's a great difference xD

2) Another interesting series i've watched is Zankyou no Terror: possibly the first Japanese series to place as protagonists and "good guys" a pair of terrorists.
It has been a short (only a dozen of episodes) but convincing series, deep with high contents and cool moments.
Knowing who made the series, i EXPECTED the ending to ends in that way... yet it surprised me because at some point i started to believed it was going to ends differently.

As additional good thing, it's that the primary villains are basically a covert operation group from the United States, even showing them engaged in false-flag bombing attack to prepare a trap for the terrorists.
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Gundam019 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Artist
CountryGump Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank U 4 :dalogo: :D:D
AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Just remembered something I should probably mention about the last book of the Age of Fire series...AuRon's son AuMoakh strangely disappears from the series after book five, and is never referred to again! There's a line in the epilogue of book six that vaguely implies something might have happened to him during the events of the book, but aside from that there's don't be confused if halfway through the book you start wondering where he is!
Kooskia Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
I was already guessing it, since he's mentioned to be fond to Anklane and so he's possibly busy with the muzzle into a book after book, while out there is mess ^^
AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh, that's probably what I'd end up doing in that scenario! Sadly, I have a suspicion that he might have been killed during Book 6...I'll tell you why once you've finished the book. I mean, it's pure speculation, since, as noted, he isn't mentioned at all during the book (I suppose another flaw with the already odd final book), but his absence plus an oddly specific line in the epilogue makes me think he died...shame that we saw so little of him!
Kooskia Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
Ok, about Halaflora, i'm basically convinced it was just Ibidio scheme driven by her losses and grieve and hate
First of all she made the bat speak and promised blood after the speaking (something that has been said can prompt the bats to tell lies, or exactly what the questioner want to listen), then Wistala herself is doubtful that (other witness) the last words of dieing woman were spent behind a confession about it. Finally the dwarf: it's said how he seemed stiff and not prone to talk .... exactly as if he knew he was going to tell a deliberate lie/make up story in front of the Queen-regent...

Finally Wistala (that's not surely a stupid one) seems pretty much sure about calling this accusation as meaningless, we can trust even more easily the honest (and gratuite) confession that Nilrasha made to Witala.
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AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa, this came out way better than planned! I put the various Age of Fire maps into Photoshop, edited them together so they'd fill in the blanks, then drew over parts of it and threw a filter over it to hide my crappy's blank, but methinks it looks pretty good!
 AOF Blank by AMCAlmaron
Kooskia Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
Great! Are you going to fill with the names, it i guess? x3
AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm...on another note, I'm considering trying to make a Crusader Kings II mod out of this (on that note, if you haven't got that game, at present it's cheap on Steam!), but I'm having trouble figuring out where the borders should go, and what Duchies, Kingdoms and Empires I could make for players of the game to be able to form...if you've made any notes while reading the books or editing Wiki pages, could you send information on cities or regions my way?

Here's the map I've started on...the white borders indicate Kingdoms (which will be in turn divided into smaller Duchies (probably named after cities, since there hasn't been much information about them) and Counties (individual locations), and colours show potential Empires. So you'd have the County of Mossbell, which would fall under the Duchy of Galahall, in either the Kingdom of Hypatia or a Barbarian Kingdom, which would be within the Hypatian Empire.
 Test by AMCAlmaron
Kooskia Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
Hey there! How many messages you leave xD
You're making an awesome job!
If i can give tips, i think that:
Swayport should be a bit southern in the Inland Sea: if i remember at some point it's said that it's on the southern part of the sea.
Hypatia could stretch a bit sout: if i'm right there is that Elf city that was destroyed by the Riders, and it's said at some point that basically there is presence of elves there...
I think that Ghioz therritory could be expanded a bit more, north, east and south
Uldam... i think to remember that there is an Uphold there too... mayube not covering ALL the original Old Uldam land.
I remember also that at the peak of Ghioz power, they've managed to have access to the southern seas, with their allies raiding the villages of Komod and Tuvalea.
About all these data, i will research better on the books
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